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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

America never knowingly accepted socialism

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
-- Norman Thomas, 1948 Socialist candidate for President

I chose the above quote because it appears that this above statement has nearly come to pass in my generation. I am 55 years old. I grew up during the hippy movement of the 60’s and 70’s, one of the biggest anti government, toss out your morals, burn your bras, disobey your parents, do drugs the more the merrier and give out sex as if it were candy, anti war, anti nukes, hang up those outdated values and forget responsibility. It was an era of total rebellion among the youth against the authorities of parents and the establishment. One mantra was,” if it feels good do it” another,” stick it to the man” Protests were in vogue. We were taught be suspicious of everyone and everything. The public school systems were in full swing "dumbing" down its pupils. Johnny was no longer in need of learning how to read and Mary had no need of learning how to write. Social grade promotions were normal if you failed they still passed you, no one needed to earn grades. College entrance exams like the SAT test where shaved by as much as twenty points to allow certain minority students entrance. Education no longer focused on the needs of the individual but the group as a whole thus socialism took a deep root. We were being taught socialism in the guise of education , in order to be accepted you acted, thought and were taught to be apart of the group or you simply were not accepted.

The word,” sedition”, comes to mind when I think back on my teenage and college years. We were a generation taught in our schools by teachers who were indoctrinated in college to teach socialism. The media did their part by glamorizing this was the right thing to do. .Got to be hip or you are not cool The communist had infiltrated our colleges disguised as professors and those graduates took jobs as teachers in the public school all around the country. The nightly news began to lean towards the more liberal views and made sure it was viewed from that perspective. Movie stars like Jane Fonda sided with the communist of North Viet Nam and was proud of kicking and spitting on soldiers coming home from war in airports. These events were paraded on the T.V. nightly and it was rare that anyone complained. The silent majority were applaud but they said nothing and they did nothing.I believe this was one of the biggest commencements of the principal push towards socialism ever to be enacted in America and its impact is the results we are witnessing today. The best example I can think of is Barak Hussein Obama seated in the Oval office of the White House.

A large number of those seated in the House and Senate today are some of the same people that participated in the flower child, hippy movement. Nevertheless, they were voted into office and given power to governor us. I have often wondered if anyone ever checked out the conduct of those they voted for prior to their political careers. Past dealings show a lot about a person’s present character. Ever heard of the old saying," a leopard never changes their spots"?

Along with each new bill that is passed into law there is a yet another small annihilation of our freedoms; all the while eroding the heart of the Constitution and our liberties as citizens. Last year millions of guilt ridden Americans were driven greatly out of shame and voted for “Change “and that is what we got and about all we have left in our pockets.
I personally have no guilt nor will I accept it as a reason to vote for anyone running for an office. I vote for men and women with character and good judgment. I never owned a slave nor did anyone in my family, so why would I feel guilty for a problem inherited by America from our predecessors. I also voted for a Black man for president as a matter of fact he was a write in candidate here on our ballot in Kentucky. I still voted for him not because I felt any shame or guilt but because he holds the same kinds of morals and values as I do. His character is like gold and he is steadfast in his convictions. He has never falter nor wavered about what he stands for that man is Dr. Alan Keyes. He was abandoned by the Republican Party because he would not bend to the politics as usual stasis quo mentality that has taken deep roots in the party. It felt good not to hold my nose and cast a vote for a liberal posing as a conservative, one of the RINO’s that has infiltrated the Republican Party. I am referring John McCain.

I have heard it said,” you can’t tell the difference in the parties’ any longer”, and I agree you can’t. Just because someone changes parties’ dose not mean they have changed their hearts, their convictions or what they acknowledge as truthful. It is because they see an advantage either of gaining power or money to advance their own careers of course this might not be true in every case. I know there are true conversions that spend relentless hours working towards to good of our nation. I am one of them, but for the majority the change is in their registration voter card and in fact it is done for their own political gain and not a sincere conversion of the person. Consequently, the outcome is liberal Republicans running for office being back by the GOP and than being elected solely because they have an R beside their name on the ballots. We have to face the facts Americans are rather naive when it comes to politicians. Millions of dollars are spent each election both from the Republicans and Democrats. After all hardly any of them fulfill the empty promises they make while they are bidding for our votes. Do they? Think about it. Political speeches are designed to entice and excite the listeners and rarely give an honest illustration of the candidate.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Become an educated voter; truthfully get to know the whole candidate before you cast that precious vote. Ask questions. Look them in the eyes while they answer you. Take a fine tooth comb to them like you would a dog with fleas and you might discover that they aren’t at all who they are portraying while bidding for your vote.

This is why I support a Bill Johnson. He is not a career Politician nor is he seeking power and money. He is running his campaign strictly from grassroots efforts. I have personally stuck his feet to the fire on every issue I can think of from health care to foreign policy and he stands firm on his convictions. He does not support government run health care nor does he believe we should be soft on present dangers out side the United States nor inside that could potentially cause us harm. He is a gulf war vet, business man husband, father and Christian who loves his country and with your vote he can help stop the nonsense coming out of Washington.
I urge you to take an honest look at this man he is the real deal here in Kentucky for the U.S. Senate seat.
We do live in perilous and dangerous times and we need someone with a strong sense of commitment and dedication that will not buckle under pressure.


Oldironsides said...

Damn, I love those 'ticked off American Jews'. Put them in skirts and hand them a battle axe, turn them loose and let them clean up the political mess this country is in. You are a breath of fresh air blowing through a smoke filled room. Give me one reason Geketa, why you don't run for elected office? You are a lot closer to Frankfort than I am and a lot younger than me and you've single-hand-idly convinced me to vote for Bill Johnson.

Unknown said...

I have never actually thought about running for public office. I know I could do a much better job than our currant governor! :( You flatter me more than I deserve, thank you kindly. I am so glad you finally made a decision to cast your precious vote for Bill Johnson. Not because I said so but because this man is the kind of man we need he will be a statesman something we are very short on in Washington. Shalom my wonderful friend!

Nelson Abdullah said...

I wasn't thinking about Governor, that is a full time job and requires a lot more resources to enter and win a primary to get on the ballot. I was suggesting you should consider running for State Representative. The legislature only meets for some two months a year and that is practically a part-time job. My suggestion was not made in jest. Give it some thought.

thirtynine said...

Geketa, I think that's a FINE idea! If I could vote in Kentucky, I'd vote for you!

And because I love all things Jewish - I love you!

Unknown said...

I really haven't given running much thought until lately . It has passed the deadline for filing for this years election but 2012 is coming up. I will think about it. You are not the only one telling me that I should run for office. I will let you and I would hope you would be on my advisers committee or head up the campaign! As you know at the moment I am really wanting to help get Bill Johnson elected as our U.S.Senator. I believe he would be a statesmen those are almost a dying bred in politics these days.

Unknown said...

Hey thirynine,

Thanks for the vote of confidence and I love ya too . Texans are my kind of people.