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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unabridged Health care bill with trillion dollar price tag!

         A picture is worth 400,000 thousand words!

I just finished reading a newsletter from my Congressman Geoff Davis here in Kentucky.
For a transparent administration they are certainly doing a heck of a lot to things behind closed doors up there in Washington. I can’t see though a closed door nor can anyone else I know.

The health care issue was number one on his list of topics in the newsletter. It seems that Pelosi spent over time rewriting the new bill H. R. 3692 it  has turned into an unabridged dictionary in size containing 1900 pages and contains somewhere around 400,000 words and is twice a big as the first one H.R. 3200.  This new bill comes with a hefty TRILLION DOLLAR Price tag around 1.2 over the next ten year. That is the estimated cost according to analysts done by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office committee. The odd thing here is the bill’s name is,”the affordable health care bill for America” I suppose a few more trillion might make it unaffordable? At what point is is just too much money?

I guess Obama has no rules for himself even when he is the one making them. He will be breaking his own rules with this one if he passes it his “target” budget is only $900 billion for health care reform legislation. Hint more taxes, even less care, bigger less effective government but a lot more of it. Medicare will get more cuts, there will be more unfunded mandates and around 110 new boards, and the list goes on and on. I haven’t finished reading it yet, although it going to make good bathroom material. Was it a big mistake, for the American people to ask that they start over? We asked for a better more affordable health care system and we got 1900 pages to digest. I suppose the next step is to rush for a vote before the ink is completely dry on the pages.

This will increase taxes for any one making $250,000 or less, they are now targeting the lower middles class. Small businesses and families will not able to afford health care. I am not a genius and I admit I sometimes might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. However, I believe this will cause more jobs lost because businesses simply won’t be able to afford to pay the taxes and be able to offer health care to their employees nor will they be able to expand and hire new ones.Please Ms. Pelosi don't help us anymore we can't afford your kind of help!!!

Republicans have made numerous suggestions regarding health care reform but they are all falling on deaf ears. I wonder if a hearing aid for Pelosi is included in this new monster bill she has created?  I give Senate Mitch Mc Connell (R) from Kentucky a big kudos; he has been to the house floor speaking on the issues more than 50 times. The Media isn’t talking about that and the Democrats are ignoring any suggestions made by the Republicans. Simple steps would be a much better solution in my opinion. TARP reform is a simple step that would save millions each year. Don’t get me wrong I am not against health care reform but what I am against is insanity and this bill is insane.

It is obvious by now that none of the stimulus we have spent is working.  Our unemployment rate is about to tip the 10% mark in some states an as high as 24% in others. How is that for stimulating the economy? When will the government get a clue, you cannot throw money at a problem to fix it? 

If you would like to read this bill you can visit Congressman Geoff Davis’ web site here:


Catmoves said...

Hi Geketa. Found you through your posting on Dry Bones.
Is this correct: "This will increase taxes for any one making $250,000 or less,...."
Or did you mean "or more"?
I think the Dems are trying to stick it to the "haves" rather than the "have nots".

Geketa Holman said...

Hi Catmoves,
Yes, that is correct anyone making $250,000 or less. I think the Dems are just trying to stick it you all of us .. "haves" or "have nots." The bill will make is going to force a HUGH majority to take the public health option and if you look at countries like Canada as the model we will be dying wholesale.