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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trey Grayson's Town Hall meeting NOT

On Monday night I took an hour of my time and listened in on a town hall meeting conference call for Trey Grayson. It was more of a laughing matter than a meeting. First,I felt most of the questions were scripted. All his answered were canned I felt like I was stuck in a loop. Later there was a young child with a vocabulary the size of a Philadelphia lawyer. I found that both amazing and amusing. His question was about Health Care as were most of them on the call. I know that question was scripted because I could hear the paper the child was reading from rattling in the phone. The entire question took around 2 minutes to complete.

Another thing I found rather strange about this so called,
"Town Hall Meeting", was that every five or six minutes they would take a poll. Polls are nice and I like them; I even take them and give my honest answer all the time However, they asked if you wanted to volunteer for the campaign or donate money and later they added , did you want a yard sign or a bumper sticker. This went all throughout the call. It was very distracting and there were only a few questions even asked for the full hour.

My take on this was it was nothing more than a recruiting effort and fund raiser for Trey Grayson.

Every answer Trey gave to the few questions that did get asked seemed very much scripted. I got on the call a few minutes before it started and was put in Que but I suppose they didn't like my two fold question , Why would I vote for you instead of the other candidates and where do you stand on illegal immigration? At the end of the call I was told to ask my question and leave my contact information and someone would get back to me .. that has not happened as of yet. If they do I will be sure to update this entry of my blog via a comment.

The entire call as far as I am concerned was a big waste of a perfectly good hour of my time. Needless, to say I will not be casting a vote for Trey Grayson. I see him as a career politician not a concerned citizen of Kentucky.

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