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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pandering for the conservative vote in Kentucky

We all know politics can be a dirty game and even here in Kentucky we have those that are cloaked as a Republican’s but at heart are Libertarians or liberals that have infiltrated the Republican Party. Every state has its RINOS, (republican in name only) of course if you look into their voting records it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what they really are. Ron Paul sure duped many Texans and found himself elected; now his son Rand thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of conservative Republicans here as well in the Kentucky race for U.S. Senate. Trey Grayson sold out the GOP years ago and continues to sell out his fellow Kentuckians. There is a lot of folk’s pandering for the conservative vote in the coming 2010 elections in every state .Let’s look at some facts about the so called pro-life stand Rand Paul takes.

For those who believe Rand Paul is pro-life.....

from the Courier-Journal:

And on abortion, Paul expressed discomfort with federal laws but said he “probably” would have voted for a federal ban on a procedure that has been called partial-birth abortion by its opponents. ( probably?? So he thinks it might be a bad idea to suck the brains out of a child during delivery!!! I think they call that murder!

Of course there is this, too:

He acknowledged such a position conflicts with his states-rights position but said, “Some things may be so primary that we have to consider protection at the federal level.”Primary?? So the right to live is a primary issue!! Here I was thinking it was a God given right and let me see don’t that old document called the Constitution say something about “unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and Property”?
If Rand can’t decide what he believes even before the primaries that what kinds of decisions will he make if he were to be elected? Maybe he could just not vote at all like many of them do. A senator’s vote can’t be” undecided” like an internet poll.

Rand is counting on the younger generation to cast their uninformed ballots for him because he talks a good talk and says exactly what they want to here. No matter how you slice it he is still his fathers son.

We have a little known” Reagan conservative” also running for U.S. Senator here in Kentucky and he isn’t running on his fathers coat tail of connections, or pandering to the beliefs he does not hold himself , he is running simply because he loves his country and because he cares about Kentucky and understands the socialistic agenda that has been set by the new administration in Washington . His name is Bill Johnson. Before you cast your vote in May next year please do yourself and your fellow Kentuckians a small favor and check out all the candidates’ before you vote. I for one support Bill Johnson for U.S. Senate. He is a solid “Reagan conservative” like most Republicans here in Kentucky.

Bill Johnson’s key stands on the important issues are:

1.Pro-life life begins at conception: will push for a personhood amendment
2.Strong military / peace through strength
3.Private healthcare/ Government should not be involved
4.Abundance of energy using Kentucky resources
5.Traditional values/ Marriage is between one man and one woman
6.Pro-Israel / a Jewish state


Peter Fogel said...

Shame I don't live in Kentucky. Bill would get my vote.

It's time to get rid of all the "almost" conservatives like Rand Paul. One Paul on the Hill is quite enough!



Spirit of truth said...

Peter , I agree those "almost conservatives" reminds me of those that are almost dead, either they are or they aren't .. no gray matter there.