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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bill Johnson a David against Two Goliaths

We have our future in the hands of three men running for the U.S. Senate seat here in Kentucky.

One is Bill Johnson he is a “Joe”, citizen just like you and me. He is a family man, business, Gulf war vet and a Reagan conservative Republican. He quit his full time job in the hopes of be able to make a difference not for himself, but for Kentucky and America. He is funding his campaign with his own life’s savings and donations from those that support him. He is a David among the Two Goliaths. He is a solid conservative in that believes in the Reagan principles of Government. He understands the rights of the unborn child. He is served his county in the Navy aboard a nuclear guided missile cruiser and nuclear aircraft carrier.. Bill will to go anywhere any time and answer questions on any issue and has not changed one single stand since he decided to run last summer. He is running a real in action Grassroots campaign, he has his supporters, none of which are wealthy, none of which have influence in high places. They are folks that understand what ethics and principles mean they are the true Reagan conservatives. They do not bow down to the politically correct; they do not bend when the wind blows. They stand firm on their beliefs. They have drawn a line in the sand. They are Reagan conservative Kentuckians.

Another is Trey Grayson to date Trey is our Sectary of the state of Kentucky. We hear very little from this candidate. I am giving an educated guess here but I think because he is the GOP nomination he feels he don’t have to campaign, don’t have to do press conferences; don’t have to answer questions left by potential voters like my self and three others here in my home, We do vote and we are Reagan Conservatives. If my readers remember I blogged about his supposed Town Hall meeting were I said, I left a message and they told me they would get back to me. To this date that has not happened. I suppose 4 potential votes don’t mean a thing to a man that figures he has this election already in the bag. At a fund raiser a dinner was $500.00 dollars a plate. Not a bad price to pay if you are the elite. This guy is getting millions from both the GOP and fund raisers on his behalf and don’t have to do anything for it , just show up.

Than of course there is Rand Paul son of Ron. You probably know him his is the anti-Semite, anti-government, anti- law, anarchists from Texas Congressman who ran for President. Rand is an eye surgeon from Bowling Green Kentucky although he is from Texas. “I have nothing against Texans. Some of my best friends and family members live there and so did I for 13 years”. Most Texans are wonderful people, just not Ron.

Rand is married as well and runs a very successful practice. Rand has received as of this writing around 1.5 million in donations. Mine you, most of those come from out of state. He has changed his issues pages so many times I give up trying to keep up with what is fashionable with him today. As of today he has dropped all reference to the Patriot act from his web site. He isn’t sure whether or not the Constitution protects the unborn and I could probably write a book on his flip flops. HUMM, I have to wonder why he flips and flops so much on the issues.

I found an interesting comment made by the Paul supporters and thought I might take the time to share this one about what he and his supporters has done to the Glen Beck’s 912 project : TAKE NOTE OF THE DATE HERE: Submitted by October2007 on Thu, 03/19/2009 - 01:56
Daily Paul Liberty Forum
“It seems like Glenn Beck inadvertently made our job a little easier by creating his new website:
He seems to have created a great venue for us to spread our message to a very large ripe audience through the many meetup groups organizing across the country and through his website.
Here's the meetup page for his project:
I'm thinking we should all go to our local 912 meetups and talk to the people there. We could answer a lot of their questions and direct them to some great videos online and great books to read. We could also get them to sign up to the Campaign for Liberty.
We could use his 912project as a tool to educate millions of people.
We should milk this thing as much as possible”

Glen Beck at one time described himself as a conservative but after 2 years of having the Paul’s both Ron and Rand on his program he apparently has changed his mind and is becoming one of them.

Just in case anyone don’t quite understand what a libertarian political view is let me educate you just a little in my own words. Libertarians want nothing to do with culture wars, think drugs and pornography should be legal, favor an isolationist foreign policy and generally believe in shrinking the government to about the size of a gnat -- all of which a real conservative finds appalling .

Rand has encircled himself with racist, libertarians and in general nut jobs. I wonder who will get thrown under the next Paul bus. Do Kentuckians really want this kind of man as our Senator? I certainly don’t!

I support Bill Johnson! Please consider a donation while you are checking him out and join his Special Forces team. We need good Kentuckians who are conservatives to take back Kentucky and America.


thirtynine said...

I believe you are exactly right - Bill Johnson is the man for the job! His faith, love of family and desire to fill the role as a publc servant have earned my support as well.

Conservatives must support truly conservative candidates - just like Bill Johnson!

Anonymous said...

Straight as an arrow. Clean as his dress white uniforms. Clear. Consistant. Prepared. Focused.
Bill stands with those who stand with him.
There is a place in his campaign for all who share his goals and vision for this Great Nation.
Duty Honor Country