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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Run Rand Run !!!

I was just watching the 6:00 pm news on 36 and saw that Rand Paul did not personally file his paperwork to run for the U.S. Senate race here in Kentucky. There were some protesters in Frankfort wanting to ask him the hard question of why was he running on a Republican ticket when he was a Libertarian. Instead of being a man and answering their questions he actually ran off somewhere else and had someone on his campaign file the paperwork for him. Why wouldn’t he want to answer a simple question? The spokes person for the protest was going to pay his filing fee if he would simply come clean and file as the Libertarian he is.

“Run Rand Run” is a wonderful tag line for Rand Paul the pretend Republican. Come on Rand come clean with Kentucky and tell us who you really are we already know you are your fathers son. If you (G-d forbid) get elected are you going to run off the floor of the Senate when someone ask you the hard questions. It is a lot tougher up in Washington than it is here in Kentucky with a hand full of protesters


Crimefyter said...

Oh this is just great. We have a Congress that won't answer our calls or requests and this clown wants us to elect him. Based on this performance, a preview of things to come, I say no way. So much for being responsive to our needs.

Anonymous said...

When are you conservatives going to admit Obama's ideas are working. Unemployment is down, job creation is beginning, the stock market is up. My Roth IRA which was never profitable under conservatives is no worth more than what I put in.

I thank God for the unions which gave my father the ability to live a better lifestyle than most. Because of the unions I was able to go to college.

Obama will be re-elected in a landslide because the economy will be much stronger. When liberals are in charge unemployment is lower and the stock market is higher.

Lisa Graas said...

Anonymous, what numbers are you looking at??? They don't match the ones I'm looking at.

You can thank the private sector for your Roth IRA profits. It was the housing crisis brought about by greedy bankers in conjunction with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and a liberal Congress, led particularly by the Congressional Black Caucus which Barack Obama was a member of, that CAUSED the recession in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Phil Gramm caused the recession when he pushed to repeal Glass-Steegal to create Citigroup. The GOP controled congress and the White House during the housing bubble.

Think of how many jobs would have been lost had the government not saved General Motors. The company is on the road to recovery and will pay back the bailout money in June. This is all thanks to Obama.

Ronald Reagan was a big fan of stimulus spending which is why he ran a deficit and why unemployment went down from 10.8% in 1982 to 8.8% in 1983 and 7 percent in 1984. That is why it was morning in America in 1984.

As for my numbers lets look at job losses by month. At the rate we are going the economy likely created jobs this month and will add more. Many of those are stimulus jobs some brought to Kentucky thanks to Mitch McConnell.

Read more about next years economic growth at

Geketa Holman said...

I don't know what planet you might live on but the numbers might look as if the job rates are going down simply because many people have simply stopped looking for work and their unemployment has run out! That is where those so called numbers are coming from they are not real numbers. Yep, those good ole Unions are doing a bang up job in Detroit!! I think the last time I checked the unemployment rate there was somewhere around 24%!! I saw how my uncles and their families suffered for as much a year at a time because those UNIONS were on strike time an again when I was young.Yep, I guess you are proud of paying off the STRONG ARMED UNION to muscle man corporations ! I guess you like Communism too that is where we are headed under your beloved OBAMA! Only a food would try to spend their way out of debt!!!