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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Death Of Republican Party? -

Death Of Republican Party? -

I have to say , my good friend Marc Carey sees far beyond what others do. I have to agree too because  he is right , I believe too  the new poster boy Thomas Massie just got drafted into Team Mitch .  It looks as if the TEA Party was used like the red headed step sister once again .  Mitch might be old but he is pretty savvy when it comes to winning political battles! That is what has made him such a political powerhouse, he knows how to WIN !


Oldironsides said...

Politics is all about courage, principles and ideology. Consider them the three pillars that support what you stand for. When you turn your principles into a wet blanket and use it to hide your courage then your ideology becomes lopsided and tends to lean in every direction. When a politician becomes wealthy and successful as a result of doing his job then his greed for more wealth becomes a magnet that bends his ideology.

We have a lot of wet blanket Republicans in Kentucky and none of them have the courage to stand up and attack the evil that is destroying our country because it's not politically correct. The greatest evil in our nation's history is sitting right now in the White House and will likely get reelected because the National Republican Party, just like our Kentucky representatives, do not have the courage to attack him personally for his radical past, his radical associations or his radical beliefs. In 2008 we had a RINO from Arizona say he would never say anything bad about a fellow member of the Senate. In 2012 we have a goody-two-shoes candidate who won't say anything bad about the same person we have now come to know as the man who was mentored by a communist, launched into politics by the founders of the Weather Underground, endorsed by the Marxist/Socialist New Party in Chicago and spiritually uplifted by a black racist preacher who said "God Damn America".

Geketa Holman said...

Hi Oldironsides,
I appreciate your comment. I can't say I disagree with you. I will add , if the people electing, " wet blanket Republicans", would not have compromised their own principles and spent more time vetting the very politicians they are now complaining about Kentucky and Washington might not have so many career
politicians . This country has exactly what we deserve , our politicians are nothing more then a reflection of the people they serves. It's just as much the peoples fault as it is the politicians. The Republican party has lost its way , just like the citizens of America have lost theirs. I know that might be hard to swallow but it is the horrid truth.