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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rand Paul the Libertarian endorses Thomas Massie to push Ron's Agenda

I have a very serious question. Are people really paying attention to what Rand Paul says and does? Or are they blind loyalists? In a recent article I read Rand Paul Endorsed Thomas Massie in the  4th district congressional race for congress here in Kentucky.

Here is what he has said:  “I don’t like anyone telling me how to vote.”  Okay, then why endorse?  What would your endorsement mean if you weren’t trying to influence how people vote?  You don’t vote in this district, so what is your endorsement for then?

(Massie spouts how hard he worked hard for Rand Paul and gave him a nice fat check .Is Massie calling in a favor or is Rand just being kind and why?)
Could it be because of this?
 Rand said this at a TEA Party meeting during his senate race here in Kentucky: 
"I know that third party candidates can’t win in KY. Although I’m a Libertarian at heart, I’ve decided to run as a Republican. Once I win I’ll be able to promote my father’s principles and work towards reforming the Republican Party."

Second: “I vote for the candidate who best supports term limits.”  Several of them support term limits, but Mr. Massie says he won’t self-impose.  Marcus Carey said he supports term limits and WOULD self-impose.  Wouldn’t that “better” represent term limits than saying you are for something but then exempting yourself?
Will Paul and Massie follow self-imposed term limits or will they follow their career Politician and Messiah Leader Ron Paul the 30 year Career (do nothing) Politician?  Personally, I believe the latter.

Third:  “I vote for the candidate who best supports balanced budgets.”  Marc Carey has said he not only will call for a balanced budget amendment in his first week in office but also has vowed to take a 30% cut in salary and a 50% cut in his Congressional expense account until the bill passes.  Isn’t that better than merely mouthing platitudes?  At least Marc Carey is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

But since Massie has no further in being re-elected in Lewis County as county Judge executive and won’t have a REAL job any longer. I guess the congressional salary, paid for by Kentucky taxpayers will buy more solar panels for that off the grid house he lives in; where he follows his cows around all day collecting manure in a five gallon bucket. 

Fourth: “I vote for the candidate who best supports the Constitution.”  Can you please tell me what Mr. Massie has EVER done to support the Constitution?  I know he likes to talk about it, but Marc Carey has taken a stand many times and in fact won a First Amendment case in his own name supporting the rights of voters to have transparency in elections and successfully defended the Northern Kentucky TEA Party in a first Amendment case before the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.  Tell me just one thing Massie has ever done to “support the Constitution”. You decide I already have !

Then Rand says “I think Thomas Massie best fits that description”.  He must be kidding. Marc Carey not only “best” fits that description, his credentials in all of these important areas is far superior to Mr. Massie, (and all of the others for that matter).
Come on Randy.  Admit it.  You like Massie because he lives “off the grid” in a solar panel house, wrote you a big check and supports your daddy and the others don’t support your daddy.  

Well guess, what, the rest of us republicans don’t support your daddy either and neither do the majority of republicans across America, judging by how miserably you guys are doing everywhere.


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Great truth and all true. Anyone but Massie !!!!!!!!