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Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Michael Can't Read

 I ran across the article and thought it had some   great explanations along with sources, I am a facts junkie,  it was written in 2005 but nothing has changed . I think it has probably gotten worse.

Why Michael Can't Read
By David Horowitz | March 14, 2005

Professor Michael Berube is one of many fierce and shallow critics of our new database -- DiscoverTheNetworks, which is a comprehensive guide to the political left. In a recent attack on our site (on March 2) he reveals once again the intellectual laziness of the left when it comes to engaging opponents in, well, intellectual argument. On the other hand, tenured radicals like Berube have lifetime jobs and captive audiences, so what is their incentive not to be lazy? 
When DiscoverTheNetworks was unveiled on February 15th, Berube was one of many leftwing bloggers to attempt a riposte with a mindless, tongue-in-cheek, assault focusing on one page that featured a hundred or so individuals profiled on the site. Forget that the website is the product of years of thinking about the left and that its rationale has been laid out in a series of books beginning with Destructive Generation, which I co-authored with Peter Collier, and including The Politics of Bad Faith, Left Illusions and Unholy Alliance (published this fall). Forget, too, that the new site, the result of tens of thousands of man-hours of work, is itself an attempt to redefine the political spectrum in a way that brings our political language into  closer relationship with the reality described. In particular, that it makes an argument for changing a lexicon in which radicals like Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore are habitually described as "liberals" by mainstream media, along with ideological feminists like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 
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