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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miscarriage of Justice in Flordia For Caylee Anthony

Today, I witnessed a gross miscarriage of justice. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee. It was more than three years ago that her tiny body was found about a block away from the home of her grandparents; scattered in the woods like a bag of garbage. She had been missing for over a month. A meter reader found the body and according to his testimony tampered with the evidence.
He even picked up the tiny girls head with a stick and made jokes about it. His half hearted apology in the court room was nothing short of a slap in Caylee’s face.

The Florida police were inept at everything they did in the investigation. The other family members were not even on the suspect list of possible murders.They were briefly questioned and released. The prosecuting attorney’s team showed total incompetence and Casey Anthony will be charged with lying to the police so, she walks out free. The maximum sentence she can charged is four years so , with time served; the three years she has spent in jail leaves one year at most she will probably go free in less than six months.

There was no compelling evidence found to convict her .The jury was lead down one rabbit hole after another, leaving them with no remedy but to find Casey not guilty. What happened to the evidence found in the Anthony home? Why was it not brought forth in the trial?
The defending attorney made the focal point of the trial the family and her abusive childhood by the hands of her father, making her look like the victim. Casey can’t be trusted; she has proven herself a liar in every piece of her testimony. She lied about where her child was and who she was with, she lied about where she worked, she lied time an again. She showed NO sorrow for the death of her daughter, she showed no grief, she smiled like she had won a prize when she was found not guilty. She did not look like a grieving mother. The entire trail was a joke there was no real justice and the prosecuting attorney's preformed like armature para legals.
The medical examiner was unable to determine cause of death.

It was an accident gone terribly wrong is the official conclusion. Without evidence of an accident . If Caylee’s death was an accident, why cover it up, what are they hiding? No one has made it clear what the accident was nor how Caylee died, was it in the backyard pool? Was it from being shaken to death? That would be murder. Did she fall or did someone smother her to death with that duct tape they found in the woods. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Caylee’s death.

I have reservations that we will ever know the secret of how Caylee Anthony died. I believe the Anthony family knows. They should be feeling shame but there seems to be no one with compunction in the Anthony family.

Caylee did not find justice and the Florida court system showed the world their lack of competency. I am both heart broken and dismayed that a small defenseless child can die and no one cares to answer who , what, why or how this beautiful baby died and was tossed out like trash.


Angie said...

Very well put. Such a horrible thing to happen to such a small little helpless child. My only comfort is that God knows who did this and God's will will be done. At least that little baby won't have to be mistreated any more. She won't have to be in the way while her mother goes out partying. Sad part is the child could have been loved if just given up for adoption to a couple that could have loved her and taken good care of her. Rest her little soul.


Geketa Holman said...

Thank you Angie,
I agree they should have at least given her a chance to have a normal life, but then people like them are so selfish and self serving.