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Friday, January 21, 2011

Strange Bedfellows, Al Franken is Rand Paul’s’ mentor?

Al Franken and Rand Paul Buddies !

Say what? My first thought was maybe it was a misprint. Therefore, I did a Google search to see if I could find any more information and sure enough. Al Franken a flaming liberal Democrat and former satirist and comedian known for his attacks against Republicans and Conservatives, liberal from Minnesota is now Senator Rand Paul’s mentor. If you memory is lost in all that has transpired prior to Al’ being seated at Senator in Minnesota let me refresh it for you briefly. There was a recount of the votes that turned Al Franken into a U.S. Senator winning the outcome; could have been decided by convicted felons who voted illegally in Minnesota's Twin Cities it was announced in July 2010. In a study conducted by Minnesota Majority, a conservative watchdog group found that at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic voted illegally. . The study showed that Franken   beat Coleman by 312 votes -- fewer votes than the number of felons whose illegal ballots were counted, After all was said and done Republican governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty, signed the certificate of election for Franken and he took office July 6, 2009, for a six-year term.
Franken is known for his anti-conservative hate speak (he has called them "nasty, hateful people). This man obviously hates conservatives and everything they stand for. There were obviously some questions about the voting process during the election.

So why would Rand Paul align himself with such a man as of all things his Mentor?  Paul’s remarks were vague at best.

"I think I will surprise some people," he told Politico in a profile piece today. "The way you win battles is by talking to independents, conservative Democrats, and maybe even some liberal Democrats who might agree with you on occasion."

We know Rand is young at the game of politics, we know he was the Tea Party poster child. I see no common ground for this strange alliance. Paul ranted how conservative he was all during his campaign. Of course, many of us knew all along he was a libertarian Republican (whatever that is) at heart just like his father Ron. It should be very interesting to see how Rand and his shady new friend Al Franken sort things out from here. Maybe, Rand likes dirty jokes and making fun of his own party. The only thing I see they might have in common is weakening Our Military.A good friend just sent me this so I thought I would add it ..he is a very reliable source so I am sure it is true.

I heard Paul say this, this morning on Laura Ingram. I thought it was a joke at first but no.
He also said, we should lift all trade barriers on China and not link them to human rights.
Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely unimagineable. After all that Kentucky Tea Partiers did to win the election for Paul this has to be an absolute slap in the face for many like his taking special interest money after Nov 2 in NY or agreeing to vote to raise the debt ceiling for a mere $50 billion spending reduction.
They say revenge is best served up cold.
We tried, Geketa. Tell me we tried to sound the alarm.
It's a cold day in hell and in Kentucky today.

Geketa Holman said...

Yes, I would think that Rand's new mentor would be a HUGH disappointment to ALL Kentucky Tea Party members. We worked very hard to show them his previous associates Like Strom front AKA David Duke and all the rest of the unsavory associations. No one seemed to mind the outside money or who he was involved with but us. To be honest I doubt they even find anything wrong with his new Buddy Al Franken the Conservative hater. The kookaide he serves must be for life. I agree, I think hell just froze over.