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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January started out with a bang

So far, January has started with a bang... Extremely, cold weather snows and below normal temperatures from coast to coast. Than there are those bits and pieces, we are reading about all those birds falling out of the sky. Dead fish floating in lakes. Than there were Even more birds falling from the sky reported. The only explanation is the fireworks from News Years Eve must have stressed them out .I have seen fireworks for 50 years and never once has any birds died due to stress or trauma . We probably could have believed that first report but now apparently this phenomenal occurrence is global in size. Now folks are finding dead fish and crabs, more birds, and more fish and more birds and lobsters. I started looking for reports from other places and guess what I found. This bird epidemic seems to have found its way into Europe as well. We are getting a gambit of bologna from the media , some say stress , some cold weather , others chemicals from the oil spill and than or course there is that pesky gadget they call HAARP that is up in Alaska . What ever it is, the media surely are not reporting it truthfully or publicly. Your guess is as good as mine is!
I did find a blog that has a time line on it .. you can see it here :

We had a tragic event take place in Tucson, Arizona. A very disturbed young man age 22 shot and killed six people and wounded an additional 14. The lives taken were a nine-year-old girl another was a judge and the rest just patriots wanting to meet their congressional representative Gabriel Griffords. She seriously wounded and it looks like she will recover. The memorial service turned into a circus like activity. There was cheering and clapping, a Native American giving prayers and let us not forget the T-shirts. Yes, even to my disbelief they handed out T-shirts at a memorial service. The only thing that did not happen was popping pop corn and selling sideshow tickets. IT was a disgrace tremendously unbelievable. I think I saw a new low with this currant administration.

They even had an instruction on the Jumbotron calling for "Applause" during Obama's pep rally. This came from a good friend Oldironsides  See the picture here:

I have been expecting the American population to riot any day now. Thankfully, the conservatives remain peaceful and make an effort to stay civil to the liberals. This is no small achievement even though they treat them as if they are criminals. Apparently, all the woes of the world stem from the conservatives standards on values, morals; want fewer taxes and a MUCH smaller government. We assemble having diplomatic conduct clean up when we leave and exercise our Freedom of Speech. During the 60’s people were doing the same kinds of things. They protested what they did not agree an action taken. Somehow, during the past 2 years this has become a crime. Especially if you might disagree with the currant, administration in Washington DC, I believe the folks in Washington have forgotten for whom they work. Who pays theirs salaries and that we are a Republic. America was built upon immigrants, not illegal immigrants. Hard work has always been how we got things made and why we flourished as a nation. Free enterprise is a part of our economics anyone can open a business. Freedom is why people want to come to America to live. None of these things is new. We are a country foundered by and for the people. We are Americans! We love freedom and we love America ! I can't wait for 2012. I count the hours and the days until the next election. And with prayer,faith in the people of America a lot of hard work we will have a new president. One that understands what it is to be an American and a patriot; one who won't bow to others , won't trade our sovereignty for peace, won't sell out our grandchildren s further.A person who certainly won't apologize for us being the greatest nation in the world.


Oldironsides said...

The memorial service in Tucson was as much a staged event as anything produced in Hollywood, the Land of Make Believe. They even had an instruction on the Jumbotron calling for "Applause" during Obama's pep rally. See the picture here:

Geketa Holman said...

It was simply pitiful .. thanks for the link .. I am going to go back and add it into the original post !