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Thursday, September 9, 2010

John T. Kemper III tosses his hat in the ring for Kentucky State Auditor

John T. Kemper III has filed his letter of intent to run for the office of Kentucky State Auditor. John is a successful business owner in Lexington Kentucky. He knows what it is like to manage a business and meet a pay roll. He understands full well the meaning of a budget. He has been a successful business man for nearly 25 years. He brings both his Christian morals and fiscal responsibility to the table. John was born on October 31, 1963 in Illinois. He is the son of Dr. John T. Kemper Jr. and Nancy Brown Kemper. Dr. Kemper Jr. took a position with the University of Kentucky dental school in 1964 and the family moved to Kentucky.

His wife Sue is a native of Kentucky from the eastern part of our state. He and Sue his wife both attended University of Kentucky where he received his bachelor degrees in sociology and psychology in 1988. Sue works as a teacher in the public school system in Fayette County. John and Sue have two small children.

John says he believes that small business is the backbone of America. I agree with him without the small businesses there are fewer new jobs created.
He also says.” I intend to be the first Conservative republican State Auditor in 35 years; I will work with any Governor, on either side of the aisle to find the waste, fraud and inefficient use of our limited tax dollars. I do not believe we need to pay an outside firm to audit the state, if we have an Independent State Auditor in office, which I will be as I am have not held elected office and have but one goal to free the Commonwealth of Kentucky from the grip of the Federal government. The states are the LAST line of defense against an overburdening Federal government; we need a strong, independent Governor, a standup Attorney General and a State Auditor who understands the job of being a watchdog for the People of the Commonwealth on how their tax dollars are spent.

We will recommend prosecution to the Attorney General of anyone found stealing tax payer dollars. We will make recommendation on security measures to stop fraud and waste in the future. We will make the Auditor's office the Pit bull of the state's tax dollars.”
John is an avid Tea Party participant. Every where I have gone in the past year to a TEA party event I have had the pleasure of seeing John. He is genuine when he speaks and I believe we need men like John Kemper III here in Kentucky running our government offices. John is a very common sense solution kind of man. I also believe John will be the next TEA Party candidate here in Kentucky.

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Anonymous said...

I know John to be an honest, hard working man of impeccable character. We will be well served.