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Friday, May 21, 2010

Boycotts those that are boycotting Arizonia

Boycotts are very effective only when those that participate are willing to give up something they use or something else; such as a sport or an item like fruits and vegetables. It takes time an effort to effectively carry out a Boycott. Those that are involved have to be committed to the boycott in order to have an impact on the business or company and in our case entire cities.  I and my friend Bill decided to start a boycott of companies and cities that are boycotting Governor Brewer’s new immigration law.

Mayors across the country have placed a boycott on the state of Arizona refusing to travel or do business with the state in protest of its new immigration laws. In protest to their protest we decided to return the favor in kind by starting our own boycott.

America’s most famous boycott was the Boston Tea party. The colonist needed the tea but they tossed it into the harbor and did without tea. They would rather do without tea in protest of the high taxes they were paying.  The boycott is a very peaceful and very effective way to protest and it does bring about change. When an individual participates in a boycott it can be feel very empowering. Every time you don’t buy an item you are affecting the businesses bottom lines.  Passing through a city while on vacation and not stopping for gas or food, nor spending the night effects three businesses in the same city. Imagine what would happen if thousands of people traveling across the country did the same thing. Shopping can be a challenge. Travel has to be well planned before you start off on a trip. Take a route that goes around the city or gas up before you get near the city on the boycott list. Make it a game and it won’t seem like such a chore. :)

Being effective takes discipline. In many parts of the country much of our fruits and vegetables come from California so we have get creative. We will have to learn to buy local, grow our own or do without. Those are hard choices but ones we have to make if we want to be effective in our boycott against California. Cites across the country are making head lines announcing their boycotts. Wal mart sells mostly fruits and vegetables from either Mexico or California so ask them if you don’t find a label of where they are grown. If the clerk ask you why you want to know tell them you are boycotting and why. Local food chains buy much of their fruits and vegetables from California too.

Here is a list of cities I found that are boycotting Arizona: I suggest calling the mayors of each city and telling them you are going to boycott their city in protest of them boycotting Arizona’s immigration laws. Tell them you will not stop in their city on vacation and you won’t buy any products manufactured in their city. If enough folks do this we can have an enormous impact on them economically. I will update this list if any other cites decide to boycott Arizona.

- Austin TX                                         
- Boston
- Boulder
- Carson CA
- Columbus OH
- El Paso
- Gallup NM
- Los Angeles
- Minneapolis
- New York City
- Oakland
- Portland
- Saint Paul, MN
- San Diego
- San Jose, Calif. scheduled a vote on June 8
- Seattle
- San Francisco
- Washington DC
- West Hollywood
- • Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima

Organizations and businesses: That are boycotting Arizona

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights,

The League of United Latin American Citizens

National Council of La Raza declared a boycott of Arizona, stating that it will not hold any events in Arizona and asking its members and affiliates to do the same.

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

The Seattle-based Glass Art Society decided not to hold its 2011 convention in Tucson, Ariz.

 International Communications Association, National Association of Black Accountants and National Urban League

American Educational Research Association
Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity
Republican National Committee


Anonymous said...

Say NO to California wines. Buy from those who protest the Arizona law. Lets put pressure on Ky, and have them join the list.

Angie OPlasty said...

Couldn't agree more; boycott the boycotter's. T

Oldironsides said...

I totally agree with your suggestion. While we are at it, how about a campaign to seek out products that are Made in USA? We seem to have fallen for the myth that everything we buy is imported. This is not true. Do a simple search in Google for Made in USA and you can find many companies that sell only products made in America. Believe me, you will be proud to see that label.

These are a few of my favorite places:

Go find the rest.

Geketa Holman said...

Oldironsides, I have been seeking out American made products for a while now. They might not be out in the open like they used to be but you can find them if you look thanks for the links. Remember to check the list on items you buy for Made in California too. We are going to be forced to grow a garden if we want fruits and vegetables this year many of our stores only sell those :(