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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bill Johnson Lincoln day Dinner in Spencer county Kentucky

Bill Johnson was well received at the Lincoln day Dinner in Spencer county Kentucky last night. My good friend Kelly reported!

Bill spoke well, even though he only had a short time to get his message out...about 3:30 minutes. He was interrupted a few times by applause (which eats into your time); the abortion. Right to Life Amendment, was received the loudest! Tax reform, elimination of the IRS and the EPA, term limits and his education position were homeruns as well. Kelly also told me we have Bill video taped so you will all eventually get to see him.

Now for Randy-Dandy Paul . He had a CNN crew (camera-man, his assistant and what could have been a producer) following him around. They are allegedly co-opting to produce a documentary. I got the impression that some of the attendees were not so pleased by the grandiosity of this activity. The CNN producer was impressed by Bill's (skin in the game) self-financing. He talked with Garrad See about this.

Randy Dandy Paul's speech included pork spending, balanced budgets, signed onto DeMint's proposed balanced budget act, term limits....then proceeds to prop himself up by telling
the audience about how far in the lead...19 points...he is, how he's the grassroot choice....(I believe he is delusional about what a "grassroots movement'" is they generally don't have millions of dollars and a famous daddy) than he goes on to say , he has all the momentum....and he has the demonstrated money making machine ( Rand sure seems to love money that is about all he talks about) with all his supposedly hype and money he can bring the needed attention to Kentucky. Why do we need attention ? Or is it him who is seeking the attention! He must think he is a rich rock star I guess. Apparently he is becoming a legend in his own mind.
He also went on about how great it is to be endorsed by Sarah Palin and that endorsement is the greatest thing that a Republican candidate can get.What Good ole' Rand Paul dose not realize yet is by endorsing him she has lost a great deal of support here in Kentucky and nationwide. I guess they will both get that memo soon enough.

Here in Kentucky we care most about what matters and life is one of the most important issue Kentuckians care about. Everywhere Bill goes he is well received by Kentuckians because he has the heart of a Kentuckian . A vote for Bill is going to be a vote to return Kentucky back to our real roots of, “Conservatives’ “

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thirtynine said...

Good ole' Randy-Dandy! That name fits him so well!

This is a nice report and is a true example of the name of your blog - you ARE indeed the messenger of truth! Pay attention, Randy-Dandy. The people of Kentucky are, you can count on that.

Dr. David said...

From what I've been reading on the Net, the Rand Klan is reacting like a hornet's nest that's been hit by an 8 pounder! The Blue Grassroots are emerging for Bill in the earky spring!!!

Anonymous said...

The Bill Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign received the following poll results. Shamrock Polling conducted the statewide poll for an undisclosed client. Questions regarding the poll can be directed to Persistence Consulting ( The Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign did not pay for or participate in this poll. The results are consistent with internal polling done by the campaign.

We asked 1,257 likely republican voters the following questions:

“Who are you planning on voting for US Senate in the republican primary on May 18th?”

Trey Grayson 27%
Bill Johnson 23%
Rand Paul 21%
Undecided 29%

We then asked are you strongly, moderately, or leaning towards your candidate?

Rand Paul 7% 27% 66%
Bill Johnson 72% 21% 7%
Trey Grayson 52% 14% 34%

Margin of Error 4.5%

kygater said...

Sometimes having your head in the clouds leaves it a little hard to actually see what's going on, unfortunately. What "politicians" like Rand Paul fail to see is that it doesn't take a boat load of money! The whole grassroots movement is about people wanting someone we can trust, who will tell us where they stand, that has values, integrity, and isn't just a "yes man" or changes their views depending on polls. It would also seem that Mr. Paul hasn't seem the latest poll numbers!

Geketa Holman said...

Hi All,
It seems that money is the only thing the other two have going for them. If we wanted career a politician than we sure wouldn't want to see a Real grassroots campaign with one of us running for this senate seat. Give me a man who can win on his own merit anytime. I am just an everyday citizen just like Bill and the rest of you all ,this is how we'll take this country back one state at a time.

Minnie Richards said...

It was a great evening. I really liked Mr. Johnson, and so did my daughter. He said the things that ring true to us. I come from a big family, and will share my experience with them. God bless Bill Johnson.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new supporter of Bill Johnson and just happened across this site. This story is really funny because I can just see Rand Paul exploiting himself as described in the report. I'm so used to seeing him whine on Fox News...this had to be a delight. Sorry I missed it in person. Smoke and mirrors today, dog and pony show tomorrow and just think, you're even given the priviledge to pay for it. KyGator is on point, one needs a boat load of money so they can buy a barge full of BS. Let's not let the facts get in the way of the message. This is a fun place...I'll have to visit more often.

Geketa Holman said...

Minnie and anny ,

Thank you for your support for Bill Johnson. He is so well recieved by anyone that has the oppurtunity to hear him speak. Not too many folks are willing to spend their life saving to help save this nation. That my new friends shows he love this country more than he does his money. That alone make him head and shoulders above the other two. For one this race is about a career the other fame and money. @ Anny I love the dog and pony smoke and mirror quote:)I have my own dogs and ponies, I can see down the road and all for free!

CorpsmanUp said...

I hear that the Press Peacock Paul truly endeared himself to the crowd in McCreary County, too.

NEWS FLASH: NBC has hired Rand Paul to replce the NBC peacock. Details to follow...

CorpsmanUp said...

McCracken County GOP Senate Debate Internet live stream broadcast at 12:30 PM CST Saturday, Feb. 13