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Monday, January 25, 2010

State Sovereignty Resolution Rally Rand Paul a NO SHOW!!!!

On Thursday last week January 21, 2010 hundreds of Kentuckians joined together in a common goal to support HR 54 bill grafted by Representative Stan Lee (R) BR54/HR10 Kentucky state sovereignty bill and supported by other representatives from around Kentucky. We all gathered to show support for the sovereignty of Kentucky in the rotunda at our state capital in Frankfort... The rain did not deter those that understand the significance should such a bill be past. There were several guest speakers one was Leland Conway a talk show host from Lexington. There was a good turn out despite the rain.

Rand Paul says he in behind this bill and many of his supporters rant and rave about how much he wanted this bill past but did not see any significance in attending this important event. So, Rand why the no show for this bill? Although he did have supporters there handing out Paul campaign paraphnilia. They all wore those black hats and t-shirts.

No One from the Trey Grayson camp bother to show!

This tells me Paul nor Grayson really don’t care about Kentucky nor its citizens their only goal is to win in the primary this coming April.

Mock Bill displayed at the State Sovereignty Resolution Rally

On the other hand we have Bill Johnson who drove from Elkron, Kentucky in the pouring down rain to attend this rally. He was greeted by his supporters including myself and many others!

Bill Johnson signs and adds his name to the list in support of sovereignty bill HR54

Bill proves daily he is concerned about Kentucky and its citizens because he is one of them just like you and me. He didn’t speak at the rally, he was there to support it just like the other hundreds of Kentucky folks that braved the pouring down rain to stand together on this issue.

So, folks tell me who is the real Kentuckian here and who deserves the votes of Kentuckians in the April primary? I support Bill Johnson and if you don’t than do yourself a favor and learn more about him on his web site and while you are there join his special forces and let’s get this REAL Kentuckian , business man , gulf war vet elected as our next state senator from Kentucky. Did I tell you, his is the real grassroots campaign? No outsiders, no big money, no daddy to lean on, no uncle Mitch to ask favors from!


thirtynine said...

I am seriously impressed. Of the three candidates who will say they are conservatives and who say they want to serve the people of Kentucky in the US Senate, only ONE of these three actually showed up to support the sovereignty of the people of Kentucky?

I think that shows just who the conservative really is in this race.
I support Bill Johnson - the right US Senator FOR Kentucky.

amy said...

Shalom, I do hope that Bill Johnson will win in Kentucky. What a great American he is. I support Bill Johnson and I live in NC. I am the mother of two children, one lives in Israel and the other is suppose to be back there in a month.We need more people to stand up for America and Israel!