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Friday, January 15, 2010

Johnson Welcomes Grayson to Senate Race

January 14, 2010


ELKTON — U.S. Senate Candidate Bill Johnson issued the follow statement on the filing of Trey Grayson to run for U.S. Senate:

“Washington has found an establishment-friendly candidate to back in Mr. Grayson. We won’t hold his youth and lack of private sector and military experience against him. He is looking to continue his political career, and we welcome him to the Senate race.

“The race is shaping up to be a grassroots Reagan conservative versus two Goliaths. The Washington machine has chosen Grayson. Ron Paul’s libertarian movement has funded his son Rand. I will simply rely on the people of Kentucky for support.

“On Election Day, the voters will have clear choices on where to place their trust.”


thirtynine said...

Each of the candidates has proven why Bill Johnson is the only candidate in Kentucky running for the US Senate who can be trusted. It will make the Kentucky voter's choice an easy one.

A Patriotic Nurse said...

Yes, We the people clearly will have the chance to vote for truth and not be misguided by the ones with name recognition and big money behind them! The truth will set you free and I feel that supporting Johnson will help not only our state but America! We are seeing clearly how the grassroots candidates are making giant steps toward DC, Clearly the sleepiing giant has awakened!!!