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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here is a Message from Bill Johnson

As my readers know I am in total support of Bill Johnson for our U.S.Senator here in Kentucky. Bill is a leader not beholden to any one. He is a Reagan Conservative. Running against two big money machines.
Here is his latest statements in full :
Bill Johnson for United States Senate
January 13, 2010

JOHNSON: Does Paul Values Guns over the Right to Life?
Gun owners deserve federal protection, but not unborn children?
States do not have the power to deny individual Constitutional rights.

ELKTON —Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate Bill Johnson today issued the following statement regarding how the Constitution applies to two core conservative values: The rights to life and gun ownership.

“The Gun Owners of America organization has reportedly endorsed Rand Paul and cited 'respect for our Constitutional freedoms' in the announcement. The organization is a long time supporter of the elder Ron Paul.

“As an active gun owner and enthusiast, I share the Pauls' view that we must protect our right to gun ownership. However, Mr. Paul has made it clear that while gun owners deserve federal protection against infringement of their Second Amendment rights, unborn persons should not have federal right to equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment. Instead, Paul would let the states decide if the unborn have individual rights to equal protection. The states would decide the issue of (abortion) (1) (2).

“The moment we let the states decide on one individual right, we put all individual rights in danger. To illustrate the danger, imagine if the opposite case were made by the gun control crowd, that unborn persons had the right to equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment but we let the states decide if our Second Amendment right to gun ownership applies to individuals. Would that be acceptable?

“In an age when gun control proponents are seeking every possible loophole to infringe upon the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms, those who value the Second Amendment would do well to consider the Fourteenth Amendment as equally important. If the methodology of the Pauls' so-called "Sanctity of Life Act" were applied to gun ownership, states would be allowed to decide whether or not to ban guns. The bottom line is that the only acceptable position is for the federal government to protect all individual rights as stated in the Constitution.

“Kentuckians should be wary of any person running for office who holds an inconsistent position about our individual rights. I am in agreement with the position of the National Rifle Association that the Fourteenth Amendment supports the Second Amendment by offering an additional guarantee that the right to bear arms is an 'individual' right and that it cannot be infringed upon by state legislatures.”


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